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Avatar 2 The Way of Water

Avatar 2

Attendance at movie theaters in Spain in 2022 rose 45% compared to the previous year to 61.2 million viewers. The box office reached 379 million euros, 49% more than in 2021, according to provisional data from December 29 ComScore. However, the average collection and viewers for 2022 are still far from the 2015-2019 period, as they are 39% lower than before the pandemic, according to data provided by ICE (Federation of Spanish Cinemas).

Avatar: The Sense of Water is the best premiere of the year (on December 16). With a collection that reaches 29.56 million euros, the second installment of this saga directed by James Cameron is already the highest grossing of the last three years and the no. 12 in the historical ranking of the country (classification led by the original Avatar, from 2009, with 79 million euros).

For the first time since 2019 Avatar 2  the ten most viewed films of the year exceed the barrier of 10 million euros.

For the first time since 2019, the ten most viewed films of the year exceed the barrier of 10 million euros in the collection, as highlighted by FECE. These are the Spanish Padre no hay más que uno 3 (15.6 million euros), Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness (13.1), Uncharted (12.2), and Tadeo Jones 3. The emerald table (11,8), Thor: Love And Thunder (11.6), The Batman (10.8), and Top Gun: Maverick (10.6).

‘Avatar 2’, the highest-grossing film since the pandemic began in US

The film week (from December 23 to 29) has had the highest attendance, with 2.4 million viewers. December 28 was the record day in the post-pandemic, avatar 2 full movie with 620,000 viewers.

Good news for The Walt Disney Company, because despite fears of the failure of Avatar 2 and that it will be very difficult for the tape to be financially sustainable, James Cameron’s film already boasts the record of having been the highest grossing of 2022.

‘Avatar 2’: Loki, the CGI technique created expressly for the film, and without it, nothing would have made sense

Water is a key element in the new James Cameron film, and the technology used in the first installment was insufficient to carry out the sequel.

James Cameron wanted to revolutionize the cinema with the premiere of Avatar in 2009, and after 13 years, we couldn’t expect anything else with his sequel, Avatar: The Sense of Water. New characters, spaces, and special effects have returned the illusion of Pandora.

Avatar 2 has been breaking records, one after another, from Kate Winslet’s time underwater (7 minutes and 15 seconds) surpassing Tom Cruise to being the fastest film to gross more than 1,000 million dollars in 2022, ahead of Top Gun: Maverick or Jurassic World: Dominion.

But, records aside and those that remain to be achieved, Avatar: The Sense of Water has something that no film in the cinema has ever been able to experience: Loki technology. This new CGI technique was invented by and for the film. Surprising, right?

Avatar 2 played with another very different element we did not see in the first installment, water. For many productions, water has been a headache, something that could not happen to Cameron since most of the film takes place in the aquatic world of Pandora.

The need to show the protagonists underwater and wet created the need to use a new CGI technology to make this experience more real. Then, WETA, the leading VFX company operating on the title, developed a new physics engine named Loki.

But what is achieved with this advance? Thanks to Loki, the VFX team manages to create small-scale water, clothing, and hair and make all those elements interact, not texture.

Cinema as an aquarium in Avatar 2

Avatar 2 expands on the technical and cinematic investigation of the original film, chronicling the journey of its cloned and replicant hero underwater.

The first was an immersion into the liquid world of the post-movie, recapturing the strobe magic of a theme park in the form of a 3D fishbowl.

The second magnifies that metaphor by immersing the viewer in the living ecosystem of a psychedelic aquarium, a surreal ocean where the layers of reality and science fiction overlap, as in the composition of a mutant painting of bright colors. , tanned by the sun and sand.

In this sense, a line of artistic research can be found, which goes from the first impressionists and which culminates today with Avatar 2, in addition to its references to the pantheism of Terrence Malick or Peter Weir, to the artificial kingdom of high kitsch, to the multimedia universe of a sanctuary of new age culture.

Formally, the film synthesizes a rich palette of layers and digital textures, ready for a long semiotic interpretation. Unfortunately, there are not many films this delirious and unleashed in the audiovisual design of their pregnant images.

Avatar 2 The Way of Water Release in the US

From there, Avatar 2 earns each of its points, revalidating the spectacle of witnessing a tape in a dark room, the true subtext of the Avatar wiki feature film, in a year of many declarations of love for the seventh art, as the classics understood it. And modern, after the pandemic.

Therefore, Cameron combines with the postulates of his colleagues in the awards season, such as Spielberg and Mendes, who are committed to recovering the illusion of cinema when they leave it for dead again due to covid and streaming.

Indeed, it is the same crusade that titles such as Top Gun Maverick develop, not by chance located at the top of the box office.

So each ticket that Avatar 2 adds is a triumph before a market and a medium that resists the skepticism of social networks.

Like a blockbuster of yesteryear, Cameron’s sequel has been showing false conspiracy theorists and movie haters that not only do people still pay to have fun at an event but that the director’s risky experiment is still in force after a while. A decade without suffering from competition from Netflix and the rise of the supermarket genre.

Not a minor fact, part of the collection comes from success in Asia, with the first version redoubling its reading of a drinkable adventure suitable for all audiences.

In this sense, if the feat deserves praise for its aesthetic and industrial virtues in the face of a dented box office, it also receives criticism of all kinds, for the thematic reiteration in the script and family archetypes, for the stretching of the story, due to the effect of a certain redundancy and déjà vu, due to its controversial good savagery that reconfigures the binary and polarizing tropes that have achieved that its author is considered as a kind of agent of progressivism and its green causes within Mecca, giving rise to another typical exercise of the mea culpa of overproduction with a sense of environmental responsibility.

To be sure, the content provides the most space for dissent, controversy, and debate, inviting other forums or the text to branch out into various interpretations, some more biased than others.

For my part, I confess to dispensing with so much ideological interference to concentrate on its morals and wise messages of preserving the universe.

With Malena, I was surprised by the adaptation of Moby Dick in the middle of Avatar 2, which resulted in the most incredible tribute to him. For the rest, I feel pleasure and pleasure in referencing the quotes and winks the author makes to his work: Terminator, Titanic, The Abyss, and Avatar itself.

The underlining of the animal language of whales with subtitles is objectionable. An unnecessary childish concession. I appreciate that Cameron continues to play for his outsiders of the star system.

Finally, I celebrate the fast-paced, physical madness that only a genius like Cameron and his generation know how to produce.

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, surpassing $1.5 billion at the box office was an impressive feat for any film. Despite everything, James Cameron had two films on that illustrious list.

We say “had” because, after the latest box office update, Avatar: The Water Sense has become the tenth highest-grossing film in history, reaching $1,516.5 million in global grosses.

But James Cameron has a lot to celebrate since this new leap for the Avatar sequel makes him the first film director to have three films in the Top above ten and, by extension, to have directed three feature films that have grossed more than 1.5 billion at the box office.

The other two films are, of course, the first installment of Avatar, which is currently the highest-grossing film in history, with 2,922.9 million, and Titanic, which, more than 25 years after its premiere, remains in the Top 3. with its 2,201.6 million dollars at the box office.

James Cameron: the billionaire box office filmmaker

With Avatar and Titanic two of the top three highest-grossing films of all time and Avatar: The Water Sense climbing the Top 10, it’s hard not to trust James Cameron with a movie investment.

Disney has three more Avatar installments planned, and the third has already completed its principal photography, with a view to a December 2024 release.

The director’s commitment to making attractive films to see in theaters, with spectacular effects, and his predisposition for high-quality 3D make James Cameron’s films a plus in making people go to the movie’s mass.

Avatar: The Water Sense continues raking in millions at the box office, possibly for a few more weeks. It may not match the original movie in terms of box office, but let’s remember that Avatar has been re-released multiple times.

James Cameron’s fears that audiences might not connect with the Avatar sequel seem to be easing with each day the movie adds millions to his tally.

James Cameron is the director in charge of giving life to the new sequel to Avatar 2, called “Avatar: The Sense of Water.” Some of the statements made in past interviews have come to light again, which have ended up exposing him. Since the opposite of what he expected has happened.

Thus, the director assured that the new sequel to Avatar 2 was the worst business in film history since it had to become one of the highest-grossing films in history if he wanted to recover the investment. Some words that, after time, he has been forced to qualify since it has become a great controversy in cinema.

The number that Avatar has to achieve to start making profits

The director has had to rectify the number he had previously set as the mandatory goal to raise Avatar. In this way, before he assured that he had to surpass one of the highest-grossing films, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” thus accumulating 2,069 million, now he changed the version.

The director has once again set a more realistic and lower figure to recover the benefits. As it has been calculated, it serves to exceed 1,515 million dollars. So far, the film has grossed a total of $1.4 billion. Considering that it is only the beginning, it is not ruled out that it exceeds 2,069 million dollars.

The next installments of Avatar that will hit theaters in the coming years

As we already know so far, Avatar 2 will not be the only installment of the saga since, at the same time, they have also finished filming the 3rd installment. Although to the fans’ sadness, it will be published at the end of 2024 since there is still a lot of hard post-production work ahead, typical of this saga.

At the same time, it is known that a fourth and fifth installment of the saga will hit theaters. Although it is not certain, a date has been set for the release of Avatar 4, December 18, 2026. In the case of Avatar 5, it is said that it will hit theaters on December 28, 2026. So we still have to wait.

The dust raised by the success of ‘Avatar: The Sense of Water’ has not yet begun to settle, and we already have data not only on the more or less guaranteed third part of the franchise but even beyond. Specifically, about the fifth, the producer Jon Landau has advanced some information in an interview with Gizmodo.

Landau affirms that “in the fifth film, there is a part of the story in which we go to Earth. And we are going to do it to open the eyes of the people and those of Neytiri to what exists on it. In the same way that they define your life choices, not all humans are bad. Not all Navi is good. And that’s the case here on Earth. We want to expose Neytiri to that.” According to Landau, a possible future motivation for Neytruri is to understand why the Earthlings start looting Pandora’s natural resources.

Ben Procter, production designer of ‘The Sense of Water,’ has defined this trip as “one of the most exciting and moving elements” of the franchise and has underlined the environmental message that this installment will display. If everything goes as planned: ‘Avatar 5’ will arrive in 2028. The third installment and the first act of ‘Avatar 4’ are already completed.

All these revelations come at a time when ‘Avatar 2’ has become the highest-grossing film of the holidays, and Comscore gives some extra data on its performance in Spain: it is the highest-grossing film of the last three years in the country, with a collection that exceeds 29.56 million euros. It thus ranks 12th in the highest grossing at a historical level just 20 days after its premiere and already surpasses ‘Avengers: Endgame’ on that list.

Where to Watch Avatar 2 The Way of Water?

Now, the top 3 of the highest-grossing films of 2022 are held by the sequel to Avatar: The path of water, Top Gun Maverick, and Jurassic World Dominion. One particularity that many have noticed about said podium is that no superhero movie is in the lead for the first time in nine years. This just by very little, since in fourth place Doctor Strange finished in the multiverse of madness.

The James Cameron-directed film is also already the second-best opening of the pandemic era, surpassed only by just over $1.916 million for Spider-Man: No Homecoming. Will he be able to overcome it in the days that follow? Analysts believe this will be the case, as they now estimate that Avatar: The Water Path will easily exceed 2 billion dollars.

Avatar: El Camino el agua premiered on December 14, and in just three weeks, it has achieved what many films take their entire commercial run to complete. The film, directed by James Cameron, is the audiovisual return to a Pandora harassed once again by the human race and the presentation of an aquatic world that welcomes the protagonists of the invading danger.

James Cameron is fearless in speaking his mind. The director of Avatar, Avatar: The Sense of Water and Titanic is not only responsible for having broken the global box office on several occasions but also for not a few more or less controversial, more or less embarrassing statements, which have always ended with only one demand on the part of the offended: the boycott.

The promotion of Avatar: The Water Sense has not been spared from its share of controversy, although, to the relief of the publicists coordinating the film’s campaign, it seems that the public is not too aware of Cameron’s outbursts and hardly affected the film’s box office.

The income from the movie has been the subject of his latest blunder. A few weeks ago, Cameron stated in GQ magazine that Avatar: The Sense of Water was a “fucking” expensive production and “the worst business in film history” because, according to estimates, he had to do it in just four weeks more than what raised by The Force Awakens to be profitable.

Cameron has recognized his miscalculation, correcting those controversial statements by now stating that instead of the more than two billion dollars that the film made, it has to overcome the barrier of one thousand five hundred million, something that seems quite feasible given the box office that accumulates, about one thousand four hundred million dollars.

According to Cameron, we have tried to collect some of his most striking statements to compose a briefly updated anthology in Spanish on the art of the unfortunate controversy.

On Neytiri’s female heroism in ‘Avatar: The Sense of Water

“Everyone is always talking about female empowerment. But what important part of a woman’s life do we, as men, not get to ask? If you’re going to go to the bottom of the female empowerment rabbit hole, let’s have a six-month pregnant warrior go into battle. (Source: Variety, December 2022).

On the digital effects of ‘Avatar: The Sense of Water

Thanos? Come now. You’ve already seen Avatar 2. It’s not even close.” (Source: ComicBook, December 2022).

About the ‘Stranger Things’ effect

“I love Stranger Things, but there’s a ‘Stranger Things effect’ where they’re supposed to be still in high school and look like they’re 27. Jack Champion grew like a tree when we were working with him. We shot with Jack when he was 14 and 15, almost 16. So [in the Avatar movies], we see him over 18 months.” (Source: Entertainment Weekly, December 2022).

On the environmental message of ‘Avatar.’

“At this point, I am less interested in making money for the film and saving the world my children will inhabit. How about? Look, I didn’t make this movie with these strong anti-war, environmental themes to make friends on the right, you know.” (Source: The New York Times, March 24, 2010).

On picking up a Golden Globe with the urge to go to the bathroom

“I’m going to try to be as brief as possible because I have to pee hard.”

No one is a fortune teller; at least, that’s what science tells us. And in the world of acting, as in any other professional field, no one has the answer to all questions, nor are the right choices always made. The same thing happened to celluloid stars; they would not be less.

Matt Damon turned down at the time to star in the film ‘Avatar’ in 2009 after being tempted by Hollywood’s King Midas. At that time, he had no idea that Cameron’s Pandora proposal would set movie theaters on fire and end up being the most-watched movie in history. Damon turned down an offer to star in a multi-billion dollar blockbuster. To be remembering you all your fucking life.

The prank cost Damon a profitable more than $250 million in profit. If he doesn’t give something to him, he already gives it to us. Meanwhile, the filmmaker is on his way with ‘Avatar 2’ to achieve another new milestone in cinema history.

Matt told Variety during a recent interview. The actor deeply regrets the lost opportunity, but it is always better to face these lessons that life gives you with the best smiles and spirits.

Who does take it as a joke is none other than our dear Cameron, who does not miss the opportunity to joke when Damon brings up the subject or a journalist reminds him of it.

In a relaxed chat with BBC radio UK, the filmmaker was asked about this fact with Damon. This was his humorous response with overtones of sauce.

Avatar 3 will show evil Navi for the first time. Cameron has revealed where he wants to focus the plot of the third installment of the Avatar saga.

The seven traits that differentiate the Omatikaya and the Metkayina in Avatar 2. The sequel to Avatar has introduced us to a new Navi tribe, the Metkayina, who live in the water and differ significantly from the Omatikaya introduced in 2009.

Avatar 2: Kate Winslet has just broken one of the records held by actor Tom Cruise in his movies. Cameron subjected the actors to hard training for the filming of Avatar 2. Will Cruise respond?

Since the mid-2000s, James Cameron’s daily life has been largely devoted to Avatar, the 2009 film that holds the title of the highest-grossing movie of all time with nearly $3 billion in gross, and its sequels, with the first of them, Avatar: The Sense of Water, released just three weeks ago, 13 years later. Of course, the Canadian filmmaker has done other things during these almost two decades. Still, his commitment to the science fiction saga is such that he has yet to be able to embark on the production of a feature film away from Pandora during this period.

How does James Cameron live not being able to tell other stories and seeing how the Avatar franchise monopolizes his career as a director? That is the question that the Indian director S.S. Rajamouli (RRR), one of the industry personalities who was offered the chance by Empire magazine to ask Cameron a question on the occasion of the highly anticipated film’s theatrical release.

“Two thoughts in response to your question: the first is that the world of Avatar is so vast that I can tell most of the stories I want to tell within it and try many of the stylistic techniques that I hope to explore,” reflected Cameron, who Now he is years old and, after the premiere of The Sense of Water, he has at least three more sequels in mind – and one of them, Avatar 3, has already been shot.

But despite the enthusiastic start to the response, Cameron grows a little more nostalgic: “Secondly, yes. Our time as artists is limited,” he laments.

Although he recovers quickly: “However, I feel great satisfaction when other directors want to explore some of my ideas, as Kathryn Bigelow did with Strange Days (1995), and Robert Rodriguez when I passed the baton to him in Alita: Battle Angel ( 2019)”, he adds. “I look forward to more collaborations with directors I admire.”

Meanwhile, Avatar 2 continues its meteoric ‘performance’ at the box office after overcoming the complex barrier of one billion in just two weeks. Will he be able to beat the first one?

Avatar: El Camino del Agua is close to crossing 2,000 million dollars at the worldwide box office, or it is likely that when you read this, it has already done so, breaking the barrier for a film of this scale and with a budget of almost 500 million of dollars can be considered a success.

But despite what the numbers say, some need help understanding the phenomenon of this saga that, with only two films, is more successful than many others. We could even venture to say that now it has more value than the last Star Wars trilogy, and yes, I am talking about business rather than its narrative quality.

Those powers aside, in this article, I want to point out what is part of the success of this sequel. The set of all these elements makes El Camino del Agua an unmissable spectacle that you must experience in movie theaters, and who can take away from the fact that with this, some skeptic or disinterested in the film is curious to see it?

Story for the whole family

Even if you did not see the first Avatar or remember very little about it, El Camino del Agua ensures that this is not a problem for any viewer, and that is where it connects with the entire public because it decides to start with the simple to present a story for the whole family, which is told from the family relationship of Jake and Neytiri, who have created a family, the Sullys. Each of the six members will manage to reflect someone in your own family.

technological advance

Thirteen years passed between the first Avatar movie and El Camino del Agua, and just as the technology we use every day (televisions, computers, cell phones, etc.) has evolved by leaps and bounds, cameras and programs for creating special effects have done it. The first frame on the screen shows that we are facing a great advance, even more so when it is seen in 3D. The depth of field, which is the great secret to appreciating this format, is even better than what we had already been surprised by in 2009.

But also, the colors of the world of Pandora and its nature are more vivid; goodbye to darkness. Suppose you had the opportunity to see the rerun of Avatar that took place in September of last year, and now you see El Camino del Agua. In that case, you will be privileged to have a fresher memory to compare and confirm the technological evolution.

The construction of a unique universe

From the first time we met Pandora, history made it clear that the Navi lived to protect the nature of the planet they inhabited, which was full of flora and fauna that surprised the viewer. But in El Camino del Agua, everything goes further, as we had already been promised, and exploring the aquatic world is a unique experience and even somewhat real. Technology helped underwater shots look as if everything were real without questioning the existence of each species we see.

It was learned that since 2016 the renowned company had ruled the box office worldwide, its seventh consecutive year being 2022, as reviewed by the DeadLine portal; from 16 theatrical releases, the Disney moola was made.

Who Follows Disney?

With a total of $3.9 billion worldwide, Universal trails Disney; it has received $2.251 billion from abroad and $1.649 billion from the United States, in short, adding its Focus Features label to the list.

However, Disney has been more creative and astute, contributing a 27% domestic market share; four of the eight best movies of 2022 in the country were from the Burbank, California-based studio: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Thor: Love and Thunder, The Way of Water, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Avatar.

It had three theatrical releases in China: Charm, Death on the Nile, and Avatar 2.

Disney hits

In Canada and the United States, films that ranked number one were released: Barbarian and Death on the Nile, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Thor: Love and Thunder, and Avatar: The Way of Water.

Avatar highlighted four of the eight best films globally: Thor: Love and Thunder, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, and The Way of Water.

The five pandemic-era debuts represent Disney-produced Marvel Cinematic Universe titles Thor: Love and Thunder and Avatar: The Way of Water, (Spider-Man: No Way Home, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.